3rd Eagle, founded by serial entrepreneurs, is the only consulting practice that focuses exclusively on strategic alliances and the implementation of the powerful Alliance Compass™ to accelerate global revenue growth.

Got Customers?

Businesses cannot succeed alone. 3rd Eagle instructs, mentors and advises companies on how to structure, launch and manage strategic alliances that complements their corporate strategy and shortens the sales cycle to increase revenue and add customers.

Typically companies grow significant income with the 3 Ps of strategy
  • Produce Products
  • Purchase the Company and/or Products
  • Partner with Companies
We are dedicated to finding successful partnering solutions for a business to achieve top line revenue growth. Today’s business climate requires more sales with less effort and less employees. Finding, farming and fueling the right strategic business alliances can double or triple sales.

Strategic alliances are the conscious collaboration of companies for mutual growth. All parties must make an effort for the success of the relationship. Passive relationships seldom bear fruit. Focus on those relationships that you can manage and trust for growth. Spending time creating the right alliance relationships that matches your customers pays tremendous dividends.

Clients start with our unique customer assessment tools. From there we identify where the customers live, play and work. The components of the Alliance Compass are the customers' communities, key power partners and potential distribution networks. Then geographical factors and market niches are used to determine alliance partnerships. All alliances must be managed with a full partner lifecycle, from womb to tomb. The end result in increased revenue.

The 3rd Eagle Alliance Compass creates a roadmap that leads all strategic alliances towards your customers. Review our Alliance Compass, and let us create a strategic partner roadmap for your success.

What strategic alliances can we develop for you?

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